High efficiency solar pool panels rated at 48000 BTU - TechnoSolis

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    Industry’s best lifetime warranty

    TechnoSolis solar pool panels come with a lifetime product warranty, an initial 10 year period, followed by a lifetime limited warranty. This is the best warranty and it is backed since 1976. This lifetime warranty is supported by a customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    The best panel for your roof

    High quality polypropylene (35 % more raw material)

    Durable and rigid

    Fewer connections

    Less roof penetration

    No moisture build-up

    Self-cleaning surface on the TechnoSolis panel that prevents moisture build-up and fungus growth
    no leaves or humidity on TechnoSolis solar panels
    Self-cleaning surface that prevents moisture built-up and fungus growth.
    The uneven surface easily traps debris promoting moisture build-up and fungus growth. Withstand wind (up to 241 km/h cyclone), pool chemicals, U-V-light, salt and temperature changes.

    Rigid and indestructible panel

    TechnoSolis solar panels are rigid and made of high quality polypropylene unlike flexible panels that are made of rubber, polypropylene resists all pool chemical products and salt, it is also UV resistant, contrary to rubber, using high quality polypropylene eliminates weak spots which are caused by expansion and contraction during temperature changes, this is an important feature, particularly in North-America.

    TechnoSolis panels are extruded in one single continuous line and are double welded at both ends making it extra durable.

    TechnoSolis solar panels are visibly thicker and more robust than any other solar panels. That is because we use up 35 % more raw materials in our panels, which means that they last several years longer, attract more heat and reduce heat loss.

    TechnoSolis, the most durable and efficient panel available on the market!
    rigid TechnoSolis solar panel
    flexible rubber solar panel