Solar panel pool heating system operations - TechnoSolis

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    Warmer water
    with a TechnoSolis
    solar pool heater
    Free heat unlike gas and electricity, which must be paid for year after year, solar energy is free….for life.

    A five month summer, with the TechnoSolis solar pool heating system. The swimming season is extended at both ends. Why not take advantage- it’s free!

    Comfort and peace of mind, enjoy warmer water at all time. No more worrying whether it’s worth turning on the conventional heater-even for a short evening dip!

    Durable hardware, TechnoSolis solar panels are guaranteed for 10 years, and have a limited lifetime warranty following the 10 years. They outlast by far, the other conventional systems such as the heat pump, natural gas, and propane. And unlike conventional systems, that require yearly servicing by a technician, the TechnoSolis solar pool heating system does not require any maintenance.

    The ecological choice, no greenhouse gas emissions, no toxic by-products, no-noise-solar energy is clean and quiet..
    statistics with and without solar panels
    A comparison
    of various
    energy sources
    By refusing to use non-renewable and polluting energy sources, homeowners are also making a wise financial decision. Thanks to the energy of the sun - simple, reliable, and free- the investment will pay for itself in less than 2 years.

    Each of the technologies available has its own particular characteristic. Here are some key points to consider when making your choice.

    Propane and natural gas pool heaters cost less to buy, propane is, however, the most expensive system to run, costing $1000 or more per season to maintain a steady water temperature, making it therefore advisable to plan on less frequent usage. Natural gas is only possible if the house is connected to an existing natural gas network.

    The heat pump costs in-between $350 and $500 each year. It can be noisy and the apparatus will need to be replaced or reconditioned after 5 or 6 years.
    No energy cost
    with a TechnoSolis
    Solar pool heater
    Optimizing the efficiency
    of your TechnoSolis pool heating system
    The automatic valve function will maximise the benefits of the TechnoSolis solar pool heater. With the manual valve option, it is recommended to install a «day/night» timer switch on the pump, to avoid overcooling the pool at night, or missing all the energy of a sunny day just because the homeowner forgot to open the solar system.

    Maintaining the system

    With a TechnoSolis solar pool heater, there is no maintenance required. A properly installed solar pool heater on a sloped roof will drain itself when the time comes to empty the filter at the end of the season. It can then withstand harsh winter conditions without any problem.
    Quantity of solar panels required to heat a pool
    Choosing the system that meets the needs
    1. Identify the areas of the roof that receive the most sun, or any other structures that could accommodate the TechnoSolis solar panels.
    2. Find the orientation of the roof where the panels will be installed (South, East, West).
    3. Calculate by using the table below, the number of panels required.
    4. Ensure that the roof surface chosen is large enough to accommodate the panels, the supply and return pipes and their fittings.

    This figure applies to southern Canada (for northern area, add 2 to 3 panels). Other factors may affect the number of panels needed: e.g. a pool in a shaded or windy location, the use of the pool cover, etc…. Optimize the roof area with different sizes of TechnoSolis panels: e.g. 4' x 5', 4' x 8', 4' x 9', 4' x 12', etc… An informed handyman can install a TechnoSolis solar pool heating system.
    pool sizes and required panels table