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    Commercial benefits of a TechnoSolis solar pool heating system

    For any commercial company, boosting your green credentials among your customers and your investors is becoming more and more important. Campsite La Roche d’Or, operated and owned by Parkbridge, is preparing to switch on a new TechnoSolis pool heating system. The whole system was installed by a crew of 6 in a couple of days and is now ready to start harvesting solar heating.

    We took these pictures last week, when the panels were mounted on a sloped roof. At the end of the season, the system will drain itself and it is built to withstand our cold weather. Commercial, municipal and residential pools can all go green using a TechnoSolis solar heating system. Call 1 888 765-2473 or visit our website for more information.

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    Installation of 52 TechnoSolis solar panels at Notre-Dame-des-Pins

    Solar heating specialist TechnoSolis has equipped many commercial and municipal swimming pools with their patented high-performance solar panels. Campsite La Roche d’Or in Notre-Dame-des-Pins is gearing up for the acquisition of a comprehensive TechnoSolis solar heating system fitted to the 2 500 square feet swimming pool. 52 solar panels will be mounted on the roof and will provide a 2 500 000 BTU output.

    The efficient TechnoSolis solar panels are good news for the campsite’s many swimmers and bathers. A TechnoSolis heating system quickly achieves a comfortable water temperature and helps extend the swimming season both at the beginning and at the end of the season.

    But it’s also good news for Parkbridge, the campsite’s operator. Tapping into an unlimited source of free energy, a TechnoSolis pool heater helps save money when in use and over its longer lifespan, when compared to electric and gas heaters or heat pumps. The expected payback period is 4,3 years, and the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is equivalent to taking 2.2 cars off the road.
    To find out more about TechnoSolis solar heating systems for residential and commercial swimming pools, call us on 1 888 765-2473.


    Financing now available for your TechnoSolis solar pool heater

    From now on, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of solar heating for your swimming pool thanks to financing starting at only $36.99 (plus taxes) per month.

    That’s what it will cost to heat an 18 ft swimming pool with solar panels by TechnoSolis. A warmer pool with free heating courtesy of the sun, using an efficient and long-lasting system, it has to be TechnoSolis. And with our financing option you won’t have to wait any longer!

    For more information on financing for your swimming pool heating system, contact us now on 1 888 765-2473.

    7 good reasons to choose a TechnoSolis solar pool heater

    Whatever your priorities are when considering a heater for your swimming pool, TechnoSolis solar panels stand out as the perfect solution. Whether your considerations are practical, economical, performance or environmental, our patented system has many advantages.

    1. A TechnoSolis system will extend your swimming season.

    Spring and summer is when you’ll notice the difference our panels make even more. Your swimming season will benefit from an extra month in spring and an extra month at the end of summer thanks to their efficiency and performance. The 104 molded tubes in each panel absorb the heat and distribute it back to the water of your pool.

    2. A swimming pool at the right temperature

    With a panel area suited to your pool size, roof orientation and exposure, your system will be able to offer the best results. Depending on the weather, temperature will increase by 6 to 10F per day, or even more. TechnoSolis panels absorb the heat all day long to heat your pool at the right temperature.

    3. A heated pool without noise or complaints

    The TechnoSolis system connects directly to the swimming pool water circuit. The water flows directly through the panels and back to your pool on its own. Enjoy the benefits of a warm swimming pool, in silence, at all times. Noisy and sometimes annoying heat pumps may even exceed local noise bylaws. With our solar panels, there is no added noise whatsoever: you are free to enjoy your pool in silence, without getting into trouble with you neighbours.

    4. A pool water heater without running costs

    The beauty of a TechnoSolis pool heater is that, once installed, it will go about its job without costing you anything. Your pool pump takes care of sending the water through the 104 tubes inside each panel. There is no electricity cost to keep the system running, contrary to gas, wood and electric heaters or heat pumps.

    5. A pool heater without maintenance, or maintenance costs

    A TechnoSolis heating system requires no maintenance. No engine to service, no winter maintenance to protect it from freezing temperatures, and no cost to get your system back into action at the start of the swimming season. Compared to the maintenance and servicing that others systems require, that’s a lot of savings, and a lot less to worry about too! And did we mention the exceptionally long durability of a TechnoSolis panel, and the industry’s best lifetime warranty?

    6. The water heater that spares your system

    Solar heating gradually and continuously increases the temperature, which creates no corrosion or wear. Other systems heat through exposure to high differences in temperature, which may cause chemical reactions with pool water and corrosion to parts of the system. This also helps make TechnoSolis the system with the best durability, and no need for related maintenance or repairs.

    7. The environmentally friendly way to heat your pool

    Each pool that relies on active solar heating helps protect the environment by reducing reliance on fossil fuels or electricity. Less air pollution, and less noise pollution too, make TechnoSolis a solution of the future that improves your quality of life.
    Contact us on 1888 765-2473 or speak to your local retailer to make the most of your swimming pool all season long with a TechnoSolis pool heater.

    Extend your pool season

    The innovative concept developed by TechnoSolis gives its users the satisfaction of better swimming times all throw summer. Your water temperature will gain several degrees at no costs thanks to the energy captured by TechnoSolis solar panels. It’s a judicious choice that proves out to be ecological and quiet.

    A natural resource
    Composed of a plastic material that captures solar energy, the solar pool heater circulates the water from the pump through the solar panels where it is heated and then returned to the pool. It is a simple and maintenance free technology that unlike all other pool heaters is an investment that rapidly pays for itself.

    Efficiency and durability
    Techno Solis Company has distributors representing them in Canada and in the United-State for the sale of the solar pool heater. Highly resistant, the TechnoSolis solar panels can withstand strong winds as well as climate change without ever impairing their efficiency, season after season.