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    My husband and I are completely satisfied with the solar pool heating system. We have seen a real difference in the water temperature and the much longer use of our pool. Regarding the maintenance, we did nothing special during the season. The valve systems are easy to use. We are waiting impatiently for the sunny days in order to get the system back on track and enjoy our pool sooner than ever before.
    With my greetings
    Ms Javieze, Carignan
    Hello, just a little e-mail to mention that we are very satisfied with our solar pool heating system. Thanks Again!
    Daniel Adams, Pierrefonds
    I would like to express my great satisfaction with the installation by competent people and the efficiency of my solar heating for my swimming pool, it is September 19 and I managed to raise the temperature of my swimming pool to 85 degrees. The promised performance is here! An extremely satisfied customer.
    Gilles Brooks, St-Bruno-de-Montarville
    The pool went up to 99F… I’ve made $1000 a year in electricity savings since I have the system… it’s a good purchase,
    Ms Gaudreau, Châteauguay
    The pool reached 86F. We had to lower the temperature!
    France Coulombe, Camping le St-Paul
    Hello, I want to share our appreciation of the solar pool heating system that was installed at our house in May. Yesterday, my pool was at 86 degrees! This thing works great! Bravo…there is no reason to install a heat pump… finally, your installation team have worked very well. They were courteous, clean and the installation was done very professionally. Thank you.
    Alexandre Venne, Laval
    Hi, very happy with my purchase. The pool was 84F yesterday.
    Mr. Delarosbill, Boucherville
    By the way, it was a great purchase and we enjoyed our pool enormously, thanks to the solar panels ! Thank you.
    It’s the best purchase I’ve ever made in my life.
    Ms Meyer, Pierrefonds
    Hello, further to your installation this spring of a solar collector system in Bécancour. The water temperature in the indoor pool remained at 90 ° F until early October and at 87 ° F when it closed on October 10. The system installed therefore meets my request of 90 F and I am satisfied. Thank you and good day.
    Grégoire St-Amant, Bécancour
    Installation completed at noon, the pool went from 69F to 84F the next day at 4pm, very satisfied, it’s quite conclusive.
    Mr. Richard Ouellette, Laval